Informed Decision-Making Delivers Value

The research and diligence we apply at Connor Investment Real Estate are what distinguishes the opportunities we offer in the marketplace. The process is tried and true. It guides our decision-making and generates value for our clients. We are continually researching the marketplace and economic factors related to our investments so that we may provide real-time, informed data to our clients. Moreover, our transactional expertise, intensive due diligence processes, and ability to underwrite and mobilize quickly make Connor Investment Real Estate the preferred capital partner for developers and builders.



We believe that performance starts with preparation; therefore, thorough market research and insightful analysis drive our strategic approach. Connor Investment Real Estate targets the optimal stage of investment in residential, industrial, and commercial real estate for strong risk-adjusted opportunities.





Connor Investment Real Estate continually strives to generate superior risk-adjusted returns to investors. Beyond the drive for strong absolute returns, capital preservation is a key element of our investment philosophy. Acquisitions are heavily weighted towards those opportunities with a pre-planned exit strategy and limited risk exposure.



Immediately upon acquisition (and often before), we begin work to maximize value and developability of the investment. Our team works with developers and engineers to secure government entitlements, thoroughfare road commitments, and utility access. Expediting this process maximizes return for our investors.