Our Approach


Investing in real estate provides strategic portfolio diversification and private equity
real estate investments can offer the potential for above-average returns.
At Connor Investments, we invest in real estate and development with a focus on residential developer/ builder financing and actively-managed land bank investments which consistently achieve high-teen gross returns to the investment partnerships. We target undeveloped or early-stage land parcels in master planned communities, single-family lot developments, and undervalued multi-use land parcels maturing for development within two to five years. Geographic targets vary with opportunities, but investment focus is on the larger metropolitan areas of Texas and the Sunbelt states.

Market trends, property values, population growth, historical data and economic activity are driving elements when Connor Investment prepares an opportunity. We put the facts together and provide conclusions that allow our investors to enter into Connor Investment partnerships with confidence.

Connor Investment works with partners to ensure that our expertise is aligned with the needs and objectives of investors to provide strong overall returns, more predictable cash flow, and offset volatility from other asset classes.

Using our experience in development, finance, and real estate investing, Connor Investment Real Estate forms targeted land bank and investment opportunities that add value to the developer and the project while delivering strong, risk-adjusted returns to our investment partners.

Connor Investment Real Estate ensures our partners and investors are well-informed throughout the duration of the investment. Comprehensive reporting includes annual appraisals (funds), quarterly updates, market updates, and K-1 annual reporting.